If you are interested in making a reservation, please let us know by e-mail.
We will send you a reservation form you to fill out.
The result will be sent to you via e-mail later.


The reservation by the e-mail is only highest price, not a bid.


The number of guests

Adults :

Children :

Please enter the number of guests per room.
Up to two children (elementary school or younger) may stay for free if sharing beds with adults.

Check in date


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Room type

Capacity (Adults)
Bed Type
Bed Size
120cm Width × 206cm Length (Semi-Double)
Capacity (Adults)
Bed Type
Bed Size
120cm Width × 206cm Length (Semi-Double)
Capacity (Adults)
Bed Type
Bed Size
120cm Width × 206cm Length (Semi-Double)
Multiple selection possible.


TV & Communicator
TV Wi-Fi network Tablet terminator
mobilephone charger  ¥1900
by vending machine in the hotel
Plug adapter  ¥950
by vending machine in the hotel
Telephone east arm ×
west arm ○(only the house)
PAY VIDEO × Satellite broadcasting × Wired ethernet service ×
DVD PLAYER × Rental laptop PC × Radio ×
FAX × Modular Jack ×    
Room Facilities
Air conditioner  Refrigerator Safety deposit box 
Bidet-toilet  Multipurpose toilet (ostomate)
at lobby
Electric kettle 
Cup Desk lamp Alarm clock
is in door robot
 Nightgown(pajama) Slippers Smorking area
out side
※except Universal room
Radiation panel east arm ○ ※except Room 111,Room 211
west arm ×
Humidifier Free Rental Air cleaner Free Rental Dehumidifier Free Rental
Electric footwarmer  Free Rental ICE-NON Cooling Pad Pillow Free Rental Wheelchair Free Rental
Scissors Free Rental Sewing kit Free Rental Wine opener/ Bottle opener Free Rental
A pack of drripping coffee ¥100
saling by vending machine
Tea bag (blcak tea) ¥100
by vending machine
Tea bag (green tea) ¥100
by vending machine
Cutlery(chopstick, spoon, fork) ¥50
by vending machine
Umbrella ¥1,000
by vending machine
CAIRO(disposable body warmer) Saling
by vending machine on winter
(sepalate tops and bottoms)
¥1,000 (rental)    
Washing machine × Dryer machine × Shoes dryer ×
Laundromat × Trouser press × Iron/ Ironing board ×
Foam pillow × Icemaker × Yukata pajama ×
Wine cooler × Minibar × Letter paper a writing ×
Transformer × Hemomanometer × Weight scale ×
ATM × Bureau de change × Smorking room ×
Kind of Cigarette,Tabaco  × Public big bath × Chest freezer ×
Two-in-one shampoo Body soap Liquid hand soap
Bath towel Hand towel Bath mat
Toothbrush ( for adults ) Comb Clothes baskets
Shower Chair Free Rental Rubber mat Free Rental shampoo・conditioner・body soap
There is a rinse in shampoo in the room.
In a front lobby C Building Second floor
Wash towel  ¥150
saling by vending machine
Razor ¥100
saling by vending machine
Bath Powder ¥150
saling by vending machine
(Toner,Lotion,cotton puff,tec…)
saling by vending machine
Contact lens solution ¥150
saling by vending machine
Sanitary items ¥300
saling by vending machine
Shower cap × Showergel × Soap ×
Mouthwash × Blotting facial paper × Cotton swa ×
Kid's/ baby's products
Baby cot Free Retntl Bed guard Free Rental Kid's set
saling by vending machine 
Night wear (for kids) × Auxiliary toilet seat × Bath chair for baby ×
Baby chair × Stroller × Diapers bucket ×
Home delivery service
※ship freight collect
Parking (for guests)
Parking   15:00~12:00(next day):¥2,000
0:00~24:00 for60min :¥300
Cloakroom ¥500
Keep at Robot Cloak 
Delivery massage    
Room service × Laundry service × Copy service ×
Newspaper ×        
Vending machine( food & Drink )
Liquor Juice Coffee
Snack Hot meal Ice cream
Vending machine ( Souvenir )
"Henn na Hotel" Original T-shart
(White・Gray /M・L)
¥2,000/ each "Henn na Hotel"
Original hand towl
¥500 "Henn na Hotel" Original
commuter pass holder
(the Logo / Dinosaur)
¥1,000 / each
"Henn na Hotel" reusable bag ¥1,000 "Henn na Hotel"Original key ring
¥500 / each "Henn na Hotel"
Original rubber key ring
"Henn na Hotel" Original Canned Bread
(Milk./ Maple/ Chocolate)
¥500 /each "Henn na Hotel" Original popcorn ¥300 "Henn na Hotel" Original pin
¥500 / each
"Henn na Hotel" Original folding umbrella ¥1,500 "Henn na Hotel" Original Knit cap ¥1,000 "Henn na Hotel" Original Chopsticks(White・Black) ¥500/each
VR HeadSet(Five Kinds) ¥1,300/each "Henn na Hotel" Original Curry ¥500 LAZY GLASSES ¥2,000
Playing cards ¥1,100~¥1,500        

※Notice:The number of rental items is limited. Thank you for understanding and completion.