* Please select the check-in date and check-out date respectively.


1. Check-in

Hotel check-in is at 3:00 PM.
Please check in at the front desk. Our robot staff will be ready to serve you.
To check-in, please follow the robot's instructions.

Prior to check-in, your luggage can be stored with the robot arm locker service (payment required).
There are size and quantity limits to the amount of luggage that can be stored with the service.
Guests are asked to take care of any luggage that the service is unable to handle.
The locker size
Width 72cm × Depth 50cm × Height 38.5cm

2. Proceeding to and entering your room

Please take your luggage with you when proceeding to your room.
A guest registered for facial authentication can unlock their room by holding their face close to the camera located in front of a room.

3. In the room

Lights in a room are switched on and off automatically by motion sensor or guest room robot.

East arm features a “radiant panel” air conditioning system. West arm adopts an air conditioner.

4. Check-out

Check-out time is a 11:00 AM.

Please go to the automatic payment machine at the front desk.
For checking out, please follow the instructions displayed on the screen.
If you are registered for facial authentication, the authentication will be canceled upon completion of the check-out procedure.


The hotel entrance will be locked from 11 pm to the early morning hours.
To gain entry, please use the intercom or your IC card key.

Please have a parking ticket in a front. It’s processed for free of charge.
Guests can send the baggage. There is a delivery order at the front.
It will be the payment when arriving the baggage.