* Please select the check-in date and check-out date respectively.


Questions about Reservations

How many days in advance can I make a reservation? How many days prior to my stay do I need to make my reservation?
Please check our website for dates that are available for reservations. As long as there is a vacancy, you can make a same-day reservation. to 12:00
From when do I have to pay a cancellation fee?
Cancellation fees are required from 30 days prior to the planned date of stay. Cancellation fees are as follows: >30 Days Prior: 3,000 Yen >14 Days Prior: 6,000 Yen >3 Days Prior: Full Room Price *Fees listed above are per room.
Can I make a same-day reservation?
We certainly welcome same-day reservations. However, please understand that there is a possibility that your reservation request may be declined due to a lack of vacancies.

Questions about Accommodations

What time is check-in/check-out? (Can these be extended?)
Check-in starts at 15:00 and check-out is 11:00.
You can't check in early or check out late.
Can I check in to the hotel at the Hotel Baggage Office by the Welcome Gate (park entrance).
You can't check in at Hotel Baggage Office
Please take a shuttle bus to the hotel from the Hotel Reception and check in at the hotel.
Also, please look after your own luggage until check-in time.
Do I need a ticket to Huis Ten Bosch in order to stay at the hotel?
Because the hotel is located just outside the grounds of the park, you do not need a ticket to stay at the hotel. However, you will need a ticket if you wish to enter Huis Ten Bosch.

Do you offer discounts for children?
Children sharing beds with adults may stay for free. However, we accept the following this conditions.
If you reserve at least two people per room, you can only have two children to sleep with.
Also, if you make a reservation for one person in one room, you can only have one child sleeping with you.
The child sharing beds with adults is free of charge, but the admission fee, breakfast fee and facility fee will be charged separately.
(Offer applies to children in elementary school or younger.)
If I am staying at another hotel owned and operated by Huis Ten Bosch and wish to transfer to Henn-na Hotel, can I receive help in moving my bags?
We are unable to assist you in moving bags between hotels. Please be prepared to move your bags on your own.
Does Henn-na Hotel also provide the bicycle rental reservation service offered by other hotels owned and operated by Huis Ten Bosch?
We are afraid that we do not offer this service. Please apply directly to rent a bicycle on days when you need one. (The hotel is unable to reserve a bicycle for you.)
Which rooms provide a view of Huis Ten Bosch? Can I reguest a room with a view when making my reservation?
You cannot specify whether you want a view when you make your reservation.

Questions about Buildings, Guest Rooms

Does the hotel have barrier-free rooms? Does the hotel have rooms for guests with severe disabilities?
We also have two Universal Rooms available for guests with disabilities who require special assistance.
How large are the guest rooms? What sizes are the beds?
The guest room sizes are as follows: Standard Type: Approx. 212、Superior Type: Approx. 282、Deluxe Type: Approx. 312
The bed size is the same for all rooms: 120cm × 206cm.
However, the stacking beds used when 3~4 guests share a room are a slightly smaller 97cm × 188cm.
Does the hotel have non-smoking rooms? Are there rooms where I can smoke?
All of the guest rooms are non-smoking rooms. There is a designated smoking area outside of the hotel building
(If you smoke in room or outside the smoking area,we will charge you a ¥30,000 as a claning fee.)
Are guests free to come and go at any time of day throughout their stay?
As a general rule, guests are free to come and go as they please. However, the Main Entrance is locked after 23:00.
You can gain entry using your room key. If you do not have your room key, please contact us through the interphone at the Main Entrance.
Can I bring in outside food?
It is not a problem if you do, but the guest rooms do not have utensils.



Questions about Services, Hotel Facilities

Does the hotel have any human staff? If I become ill during my stay, will a robot attend to me?
We have human hotel staff on duty 24-7. In an emergency, our hotel staff will attend to you.
.I understand that this is a hotel staffed by robots, but what kinds of security measures do you have in place? What guarantees do you provide in the event that something happens to a bag that I leave with one of your robots?
The hotel is monitored by security cameras 24-7.
The hotel is locked at night so that outsiders cannot gain unauthorized entry.
We cannot make any guarantees with regard to bags left in our care. Please look after your valuables under your own responsibility.
What kind of system is the facial recognition system, exactly? Do you not have card keys or anything like that?
The facial recognition system records an image of each guest's face, allowing for keyless locking and unlocking of guest rooms.
We also provide card keys on request, so it is possible to stay without using facial recognition. (Card keys must be returned at check-out time.)

※チェックインの際にホテルフロントへ駐車券をご提示ください。無料処理を行ないます。 尚、事前精算のハウステンボスマイカー駐車場をご利用の際は、領収書をホテルフロントへご提示ください。駐車料金をご返金させていただきます。


ハウステンボス公式youtubeでは、「 ホテル宿泊者駐車場までのルート案内」として、周辺道路から駐車場までの動画もご案内しておりますので、ご活用ください。


駐車料金:24時間最大(¥1,650) 8:00~20:00(¥550) 00:00~24:00(60分¥330)

Does the hotel have a parking lot? Are there handicapped parking spots?
There are two parking lots.
Even hotel guests are charged for parking on the hotel premises.
Free parking is available near Huis Ten Bosch immigration gate. Please bring your parking ticket to the hotel. Passing tickets through the machine will be free.
There is a handicapped parking spots located directly in Entrance. Please contact us in advance of your stay if you wish to reserve.
Is there a bus from Huis Ten Bosch to the hotel? Is transportation to and from the park provided?
The shuttle bus operates.
Please get on the bus departing from the hotel luggage depository in the welcome area.
On the way, these buses will stop at "Henn na Hotel". There is no pick-up.


What should I do if I want to depart at a time when the hotel buses are not operating (late at night or early morning)?
We do not offer a pick-up service. Please arrange a taxi by yourself.
Are the guest rooms cleaned?
Bed making service is offered for a nominal fee for guests staying between 2~6 days. (1,000 Yen per Bed)
For those staying more than 6 nights, bed making service will be provided free of charge on the 7th night.
Towels, bath towels and bath mats are changed every day.
Can I send packages from the hotel?
When checking out, guests may send packages from the parcel delivery counter.
Can I send packages to the hotel prior to my arrival?
We cannot accept or hold packages for guests.
Packages can be picked up at a Yamato Transport counter by the Farewell Gate.
※Please write on shipping form “ Baggage drop-off point is Yamato Transport counter by the Farewell gate”
※Yamato Transport Counter Open Hours; 10;00 to 18;00
※Yamato Transport is available only. Other carriers can’t use service.
Can I use the Internet?
Free WI-FI is available throughout the hotel.
Do you offer room service? (Can I ask room service to deliver a birthday cake, etc. to my room?)
We have no plans to introduce room service at this time.
Do you offer laundry service?
is do not have ice machine.
Does the hotel have microwaves? Does the hotel have an ice machine?
We do not have either.
There is a microwave in the cafe space.
Does the hotel have a restaurant?
The hotel does not have a restaurant. "Health Restaurant AURA" is within walking distance of the hotel.


Is food sold anywhere in the hotel?
The Smart Kiosk (vending machine) sells light snacks (bread, sweets).
I'm not staying, but can I take a look at the hotel?
For the security、Non-customers cannot enter the hotel.
Please understand.
また、有人カウンターでは、上記以外にAEON・MasterCard・VISA・American Express・Discover・EPOS・UnionPay・Pay Payの利用が可能です。